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All My Dams and Sires that are ofa in heart, eyes, patella, hips. DNA tested for DM, efs, dry eyes/curly hair.

Andresen’s Nalani Ruby (Nala)

Nala is a very sweet and calm 18lb dam. She has a very relaxed personality. Nala loves her puppies. 


Andresen’s Malibu is a beautiful Black and Tan that is 18lbs.  She produces both ruby and Black and Tan. She loves to go on long car rides and certainly loves her Starbucks puppacino. 

Andresen’s Stranger Things Eleven (Eleven) 

Eleven is a beautiful tri color.  She can produce both tri and Blenheim puppies. She loves to steal your pillow when she sleeps. 

Andresen’s Puka Puka Kaia (Kaia)

Kaia is a beautiful Blenheim that is 15lbs.  She is very loving and loves to travel.  Kaia produces both tri color and Blenheim. She loves to be cuddled. 

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